Consultation services offered in Newtown, PA

A thorough medical consultation helps the providers at Elevation Infusion Services in Newtown, Pennsylvania, understand your healthcare needs. The healthcare professionals provide customized home visits, private duty nursing, and infusion therapy to help revitalize your health, manage pain, and regain independence. Call today to schedule your consultation or request an appointment online.

Consultation Q&A

Why do I need a consultation?

At Elevation Infusion Services, the providers focus on all aspects of your service – from the initial referral through to the conclusion of treatment. The team collaborates with your personal healthcare professionals, family, and, of course, you – the patient. 

Before administering any treatment, the Elevation Infusion Services team thoroughly reviews your medical history and performs a comprehensive physical examination. They review any treatment plans put forward by your physician team, too. You cannot schedule services without this initial consultation.

These steps help your provider assess your condition and provide the best therapies possible to restore vitality and strength. Elevation Infusion Services adheres to all HIPPA regulations and policies to protect your privacy. 

What services do you offer?

At your consultation, your provider reviews the care provided by the team at Elevation Infusion Services. These include the following services:

  • Coordination of care with your medical team
  • Preparation of all IV infusions according to clinical protocols
  • Initiation of IV and monitoring during infusion
  • Maintenance of medical records
  • Provision of clear patient instructions and education when it comes to infusion protocols
  • Delivery of organized medical and IV supplies

Your provider also does their best to create a positive, relaxing, and professional environment for each visit. 

What happens after a consultation?

A licensed medical professional visits your home, apartment, office, hotel, or other chosen location at a pre-arranged appointment time. They administer your treatments while you remain as comfortable as possible.

How long your treatment takes depends on its particulars. Infusion treatments usually take 30-40 minutes. The appointment may last longer if they offer other services, such as physical therapy, wound cleaning, or blood draw. 

In some cases, the nurse teaches you how to administer infusions and ensures you fully understand how to use the medications or nutrients. 

Elevation Infusion Services meets with you after your treatment and schedules any other consultations needed. 

Contact Elevation Infusion Services to arrange your consultation and get started with at-home infusion and nursing today. Call the office to find a time that works for you, or use this website to request an appointment online.